Pink Papaya

New photo + video editor from Sarah Nicole of The Bird's Papaya


Create—don’t correct—with this new photo + video editor from Sarah Nicole of The Bird’s Papaya! Driven by her inspiring style and self-empowering message, this makes professional editing as simple as a tap. Find the right look to make your edits your own with—


Photographer - designed filters


Textured, blending overlays

Special FX

Dynamic and still special effects

Create presets

Customizable presets, designed by YOU


Complete adjustment toolkit


Modern subtitle and text options

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“Photos for me are a form of storytelling. But somewhere along the way we got used to seeing photo editing apps be about changing US, instead of bringing us home to what the images is for. The story. OUR stories. I’m so excited to launch this photo + video editor on iOS and see the stories you create in the process!”

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